Vascular Surgery

Vascu_LaserExtreme offers a state-of-the-art laser technology for the gentle and effective treatment of Varicose veins. Whether tributary veins, great and small saphenous veins, teleangiectasia or laser valvuloplasty – we provide with the appropriate Laser and Suitable Accessories. Always at hand: the unique technology guaranteeing highest quality of our fibers by fusing, not gluing the cap to the fiber.

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Vascu_Fibers-for-laserExtreme provides products to achieve a unique system in terms of safety and flexibility for the endoluminal treatment of varicose veins. New Fiber Technology splits the power in two phases and leads to an effective closure of the vein. For the treatment of superficial venous reflux on perforator veins and small saphenous there is the right fiber for any situation. This technology does not simply glue, but firmly fuses the silica glass cap to the fiber, the loss of the cap within the vein is prevented and thus serious complications during treatment as well.

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