popOur long-term development is to have to a sustainable relationship with our employees, customers, society and our environment. Our commitment to excellence will enable us to grow and develop in a positive way. Our customer and client satisfaction confirm this.  With our own activities and responsibilities, we are striving to maintain our professional excellence.

Quality Policy

Extreme continues to develop in the sales, service and research area for all current future medical and industrial products. Laser technology has become our major interest in recent years.

We are therefore heavily involved in the continuous changes that are currently requiring the need for us to be at the pinnacle of our sales, service and research development. We are also focused on the environmental impact and the global needs for sustainable development. A successful quality policy can only be implemented by a proactive and reactive desire from all our employees and suppliers.

Our employees are informed of all our quality policies and environmental needs by speaking to our management with any concerns they may have. All our products and services can be accessed on our website www.extreme-slo.com.

Extreme Principles and Values

  • Continuous awareness of market demands and responsiveness to change
  • Valued partnership with all distributors, buyers, service providers and manufacturers
  • Provision of a healthy and safe working environment for all employees
  • Lifelong learning and education
  • Implementation of all quality management requirement by the provision of good business practices
  • A continuous improvement of the efficiency and corporate governance, creating an effective emphasis on profitability
  • Keeping full records our all waste in curd in all departments and the appropriate and safe handling of both waste and other materials
  • To keep all our business partners up to date regarding all our quality policy and environmental management