Gynecology_MEFor the last 20 years, the laser technology has evolved as an important tool in surgical treatment and it is widely used in gynecology and obstetrics. Many gynecological procedures can now be performed with the unique Diode Laser technology or with the surgical lasers such as CO2 (fiber or freebeam delivery) or Erbium: YAG. In this segment Extreme offers products with the gentle and minimally invasive solution that allows fast and painless treatments, with no need for anesthesia and minimal downtime. Additionally, we provide the systems with the newest gynecological solutions where excellent tissue visualization of surgical plane for precision ablation, excision, and incisions is presented. All medical systems are compact and portable for clinic and office use.

We offer the following product and so much more!
• Laser
• Micromanipulator
• Fibers for lasers

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