Fibers & Probes

Fibers-&-probesWe provide an Advanced Optical Fibers, as well as Fiber Assemblies for advanced R&D and OEMs, including fiber assemblies for medical applications. In this category we offer also Raman Probes Application, ideal for in situ measurement of clear or turbid solutions. 

Extreme offers components with characteristics listed below

  • Fiber Assemblies for Medical/Surgical and high power laser applications
  • Diverse range of fiber types and sizes up to 1000 um produced in a state-of-the-art optical fiber manufacturing facility
  • Maximum launch and coupling efficiency
  • High power handling
  • Packaged in environmentally controlled rooms
  • Extruded plastic coatings (e.g. ETFE)
  • Reliability in tight bends
  • Quality end-face preparation
  • Custom connector and termination types

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