Ausrüstung für Optiker

We offer the following Refraction Units and so much more!

Equip-for-optics_Refraction• Laser
• Micromanipulator
• Fibers for Lasers
• Fusion
• Vintage
• Future Deluxe
• Etoile2
• Elegance
• Compact Chairs
• Tables
• Chests
• Table for Contact Lens

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Equip-for-optics_DiagnosticFast and precise perimetry at your fingertips is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision. Beside standard perimetry testing techniques it implements all modern approaches which save time and deliver cutting edge precision and reliability. Intuitive software with powerful networking and EMR integration, combined with maintenance free and reliable hardware creates the best tool for visual field testing.

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