Laser Measurement and Control Products

Laser-measurement_-LaserCam-HR-IILaserCam-HR II is new generation of digital USB 2.0 bus-powered, high-resolution, large-area cameras.  The LaserCam-HR II family includes 1/2-inch and 2/3-inch format CCD cameras that provide greater dynamic range and lower noise than the previous generation. The cameras include BeamView software package, long recognized as a flexible, fast, and user friendly beam diagnostics software platform. BeamView-USB is Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

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Laser-measurement_PowerMax-Pro-SensorThe newest generation in sensor technology, enhances productivity and quality while improving measurement speed. 

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Laser-measurement_Laser-Power-and-Energy-MetersWe offer an extensive portfolio of Laser Power and Energy Meters.

LabMax-Pro SSIM
The next generation of groundbreaking LabMax power and energy meter, enabling control and monitoring of modulated and long-pulse lasers in ways that have never been possible.

Laser Power and Energy Meter (RoHS)

LabMax-TOP with GPIB
Laser Power and Energy Meter (RoHS)

Laser Power Meter (RoHS)

Laser Power and Energy Meter (RoHS)

Laser Energy Meter (RoHS)

Laser Power Meter (RoHS)

Laser Power Meter (RoHS)

Handheld Power Meter (RoHS)

EnergyMax Laser Sensors
We offer sensors with a unique combination of superior performance and user friendly convenience.

Sensors – Laser Power
A diverse portfolio of nearly 100 different standard laser power sensors over a broad range of laser output characteristics is presented. That allows you to select a system to best meet your particular needs.

PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors
Laser power measurement with state-of-the-art microelectronics miniaturization techniques, integrated in an entire instrument within a USB 2.0 or RS-232 cable connector.

Laser Beam Diagnostics
Our offer covers laser beam profiler, laser beam analyzer and laser beam propagation.

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